Friday, April 25, 2014

"Art From the Heart"

"Art From the Heart"
 My husband and I are artists and we just started "art from the Heart"
 We create and send tiny inspirational art or mini quilts, totally
free of charge, to people needing a little inspiration in their lives or to those who give so much to their communities or to others that they deserve a special "Thank You".
  We will post our projects on our blog,
  If you would like us to send a  Free Art project to some one you think needs some TLC or appreciation, we will to create a personal art piece for them.  Please email us.  Provide a little information about why you want us to acknowledge the person.  We will reply as soon as we can.
  Our creations are custom made per request and we will even pay the postage to mail it directly to the person you have chosen to receive some Art From the Heart.  Here are a few examples of the tiny projects we can make.

Mixed Media:  "Blossom Time"
Artist:  Char Wirfs
Tiny canvas and stand.
Currently on display at
Short Term Gallery, Baker City, Oregon

Mixed Media:  "Sing it Out"
Artist:  Charlotte Wirfs
Tiny Art-board, unframed
Sent to Australia with a message.