Thursday, March 8, 2018

Bar View, Tillamook Bay

This is a Plein Air oil painting of the mouth of Tillamook Bay on Oregon's north coast.  The wind was blowing off the ocean, right into my face.  I was painting on a larger than normal panel, 12x16", so it made a great sail, blowing the easel over twice.  I was also dealing with an outgoing tide, so the tide pool in the foreground was draining. The elements finally won the day, so I packed up and went home, returning the next day at high tide. As can be seen in the second photo, I pointed my jeep right into the wind and set the pachade box inside.  I would stick my head out and take a view and pull back in out of the wind and paint. 

Bar View, Tillamook Bay
12x6" oil on canvas hardboard panel
Currently available at Ryan Gallery
Lincoln City, Oregon

Monday, March 5, 2018


18 x 24" Oil Painting on Canvas Panel

Painting from a great weekend trip to Crescent City and Trinidad, California. This Picture is current hanging at Ryans Art Gallery in Lincoln City, Oregon.

Dirty Shoes

11x14" Acrylic on stretched canvas 

Painted for a charity art auction.  We were all given the same canvases upon which we could paint anything we chose.  They were hung to together and open to for bid silent auction.  It was a lot of fun because the bidding was open for several days and we could follow the bidding on the internet.

Oceanside at Sunset

24" x 24" Oil painting on Stretched Canvas

The last rays of sun on the little village of Oceanside, Oregon. This Painting is now available at Ryan Art Gallery, Lincoln City, Oregon.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Manzanita Beach

Manzanita Beach
Oregon Coast

Oil Painting of Neahkahnie Mountain from Manzanita Beach.  24x24 In on stretched canvas.  Painting sold from Ryan Gallery in Lincoln City, Oregon.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Beach Squall

Beach Squall
Oil on Panel
16" x 20" unframed


This painting captures a winter squall coming onto the beach.  All I could do was snap a few photos and run for cover.  I would prefer to have had the time for a plein air painting, but often nature doesn't cooperate, so it was painted in the studio.  I think I was able to capture the immediacy of the moments anyway.
The scene is of the beach near Bob Straub Wayside in Tillamook County, Oregon. The Painting is currently on display at Ryan Gallery in Lincoln City, Oregon.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Neon Night

Neon Night

Artist:  Walt Wirfs
Size: 18" x 24"
Working with acrylics after years of working in oils was a challenge.  My goal was to capture the neon glow of a sign at night and felt that I could only do it with the transparency of acrylic paint.

The sign is one of Jacksonville's icons, located on California Street in the center of town. The tavern is always open and always hopping.  Jacksonville's historic committee bans the use of neon in the town  but this sign was "grand-fathered" in.  Originally Jacksonville was a gold town, and a hand-painted depiction of a prospector panning for gold along Daisy Creek was included in the sign.
 The painting is currently on display at the Rogue Gallery and Art Center in Medford