Thursday, March 8, 2018

Bar View, Tillamook Bay

This is a Plein Air oil painting of the mouth of Tillamook Bay on Oregon's north coast.  The wind was blowing off the ocean, right into my face.  I was painting on a larger than normal panel, 12x16", so it made a great sail, blowing the easel over twice.  I was also dealing with an outgoing tide, so the tide pool in the foreground was draining. The elements finally won the day, so I packed up and went home, returning the next day at high tide. As can be seen in the second photo, I pointed my jeep right into the wind and set the pachade box inside.  I would stick my head out and take a view and pull back in out of the wind and paint. 

Bar View, Tillamook Bay
12x6" oil on canvas hardboard panel
Currently available at Ryan Gallery
Lincoln City, Oregon

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